Rep. Richmond Expresses Support for HANO’s Redevelopment Strategy

May 28, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – After a second meeting with HANO Director Greg Fortner in New Orleans to discuss the HANO Scattered Sites Strategy, Rep. Richmond (LA-02) released the following Statement:

“The strategy HANO has in place to repurpose vacant properties for mixed-income housing is the right way to go,” said Rep. Richmond. “This plan is a smart and prudent path to ensuring HANO can secure consistent revenue rather than a one-time influx of cash. The practice of selling off government assets with no possibility for future earnings has caused many of this state’s financial problems. This new direction will allow much greater flexibility.”

“This method is very similar to the plan the City Council recently approved for the World Trade Center property. Creating recurring revenue through mixed-income, mixed-use developments will put HANO on more stable financial footing, while creating more available affordable housing that the city sorely needs.”