Rep. Richmond Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

September 2, 2015
Press Release

New Orleans, LA – Today Rep. Richmond (LA-02) issued the following statement in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in Louisiana:

“We have come a long way since Hurricane Katrina reached our shores and the levee system gave way to flood waters,” said Rep. Richmond. “Ten years ago we suffered the loss of loved ones, were displaced from our homes, and faced an uncertain future. We have made great strides since that tragic day in 2005. Our tenacity and resiliency has been on full display for the nation and the world.”

“Today, our levee system has been fortified to better protect us from future storms. Business and entrepreneurship is growing at an extraordinary rate. State of the art health centers are being built throughout the city that will provide quality healthcare. People from all over the world are visiting New Orleans in record numbers to take part in our culture and hospitality.”

“Despite all of our successes our work is still not done. We still have households who have not been made whole stemming from Road Home’s flawed pre-storm valuations. We have a shortage of affordable housing for hard working people. Thousands of families displaced by the storm are still struggling to return home. There are still promises to keep.”

“Our local, state, and federal partners must continue to work together to finish what we began a decade ago. Until our infrastructure has been fully restored, economic opportunity is reestablished, and everyone seeking to come home has returned our recovery will not be truly complete.”