Congressman Cedric Richmond

Representing the 2nd District of Louisiana


October 4, 2011
Press Release

Washington, D.C.Congressman Cedric Richmond (LA-02) released the following statement following President Obama’s comments on the American Jobs Act at the Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas:

“I’m proud that President Obama is continuing his call for Congress to act. Congressional Democrats are ready to move. Congressional Republicans, on the other hand, are not. After 273 days in the majority, House republicans have failed to provide Americans with a real answer on jobs.  

“It’s been almost a month since President Obama delivered his American Jobs Act to Congress —which is made up of ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, this job creation bill—or any other job creating legislation—has been brought up for vote. This is unacceptable. There are 14.1 million Americans who are out of work and eager to support their families. We must show them that they are out of work, but should not be out of hope. We must show them that Congress is about the American people and not about petty partisan politics. We must pass this bill.

“The American Jobs Act will create jobs in Louisiana while improving our schools, highways, and communities. This bill will bring about critical improvements and jobs we need in Louisiana. It’s time we pass this bill.”


1. Tax Cuts to Help America’s Small Businesses Hire and Grow:

In Louisiana, 80,000 firms will receive a payroll tax cut under the American Jobs Act. The plan would cut the payroll tax in half to 3.1% for employers on the first $5 million in wages.

2. Putting Workers Back on the Job While Rebuilding and Modernizing America:

The plan would invest at least $490 million in Louisiana that could support a minimum of approximately 6,400 local jobs and modernize our bridges, highways and roads.

The plan proposes investing $434.4 million in Louisiana to prevent the layoffs of up to 6,300 educator and first responders—like cops and firefighters.

Louisiana will receive $516.8 million in funding to turn our schools in 21st century learning centers while putting as many as 6,700 folks back to work in the process.

Louisiana could receive $40.7 million to modernize community colleges.

Louisiana could receive about $20 million to rehabilitate and refurbish vacant and foreclosed homes and businesses, in addition to funds that would be available through a competitive application.

3. Pathways Back to Work for Americans Looking for Jobs.

The plan proposes reforms to the unemployment insurance system that could put the 42,000 long-term unemployed workers in Louisiana back to work. Alongside these reforms, the President is reiterating his call to extend unemployment insurance, preventing 15,100 people looking for work in Louisiana from losing their benefits in just the first 6 weeks. And, across the country, the number saved from losing benefits would triple by the end of the year.

The President is proposing a new Pathways Back to Work Fund to provide hundreds of thousands of low-income youth and adults with opportunities to work and to achieve needed training in growth industries. It might place 1,700 adults and 5,300 youths in jobs in Louisiana.

4. Tax Relief for Every American Worker and Family:

A typical family in Louisiana, with a median income of around $45,000, will receive a tax cut of around $1,400. The plan expands last year’s payroll tax cut to help you have more to live.

5. The Plan is Fully Paid for as Part of the President’s Long-Term Deficit Reduction Plan.